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   Asphalt and Concrete Driveway and Sidewalk Repair

Here in Greenville SC we have been in business since 1979. In the plumbing business we often have to cut customers' driveways and walkways to install sewer or water systems (when boring cannot be performed). When we do this we must go back and make driveway or walkway repairs. So, we are experts in driveway and sidewalk repair - whether asphalt or concrete.

We are well versed in these types of repairs as we are licensed to cut and repair State and County roads including sidewalks.

Most of the time when we make driveway or walkway repairs our customers usually have other areas that they want us to cut out and repair due to potholes, sinkholes, cracks, or trip hazards that have occurred over time. We can make these type of repairs for you and we are happy to give you a free estimate to do so.

We only use quality material that comes directly from local asphalt plants that supply the quality asphalt that goes on all State and County roadways.

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With this service we cut out the bad area or areas that you want repaired and haul away the old excavated material. We bring in any fill that may be needed such as soil or stone and compact the area. We then install the new asphalt or concrete.

parking lot asphalt repair
This is a example of a area that has broken away in a church parking lot in Easley SC that is in need of repair as there is concern of a trip hazard in the potholes.

We cater to the customer that just needs small repairs made as we find this is a difficult service for people to obtain. We are happy to take these projects on and will gladly give you a free estimate to do so after making a site visit.
This is especially a great service for homeowners who have the nuisance sink holes or potholes in their driveways or walkways and great for a business owner who has the same type problems in their parking lots that can potentially be hazardous to the public.

We service all of Greenville including Greer, Fountain Inn, Taylors, Travelers Rest, Simpsonville, Piedmont, Pelzer, and Easley.

concrete sidewalk replacement
An example of a concrete sidewalk panel replacement we performed in downtown Greenville after a break was in the sewer line and required excavation to make repairs.
commercial asphalt parking lot repair
This is a example of a business parking lot that had to have a partial line replacement. The line had collapsed creating a low area all through the area where the patch is. We cut, excavated, replaced the crushed pipe, brought in new fill, compacted, and made the asphalt patch.
This is a example of a road patch we performed in the City of Greenville due to a broken sewer line at a depth of 8'. Cutting and excavation was performed so the pipe could be repaired. We then backfilled, compacted to proper specs, installed a layer of concrete over the fill allowing it to cure over the next 24 hours. After the concrete had cured we the capped with asphalt as per City of Greenville specifications.


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