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   Fiberglass Bathtub Repair and Reglazing

About Tub Glazing & Fiberglass/Acrylic Tub Repair

Reglazing is the process by which fixtures and surfaces are refinished to look like new. With
reglazing, worn out bathtubs and tile can be refinished to their original luster.

Over the years, thanks mainly to the use of harsh abrasive cleaners, bathtubs and fixtures lose
the original look. In addition, the surface has actually become porous to the point where keeping
them clean is very difficult if not impossible. Dirt and soap scum are caught and trapped in the
roughened surface just like a sponge soaks up water.

We offer Fiberglass Bathtub Repair and Reglazing:

Reasons Homeowners Have Tub Reglazed

  • The fixture has been the victim of someone who has dropped a heavy object and chipped
    or damaged the surface.
  • Tthe fixture has been badly damaged by misuse of drain cleaners or other chemicals.
  • The fixture has been severely stained by who knows what.
  • Afiberglass unit has cracked from poor installation.
  • The tile is showing its age; is cracking or discoloring or won't shine anymore.
  • The grout between the tiles is looking old and hard to keep clean.
  • A homeowner or a hotel needs permanent "noslip" bottoms in their tubs.
  • Tastes change and maybe its just time to change the color of the fixture.
BEFORE Reglazing -
AFTER Reglazing -

The Repair and Reglazing Process

Here at Budget Plumbing we first repair any chipped or damaged areas. We then prepare
the surface for reglazing using our industrial cleaning process. Next we apply and cure a
patented adhesive coating. Finally a exclusive synthetic porcelain finish is applied and
chemically bonded to the surface.

Keep in mind all reglazers are not created equal! Here are some questions that can help you find the right company for reglazing and tub repair - whether your tub is fiberglass or acrylic.

1) Do they guarantee their work?

At Budget Plumbing we provide a guarantee that exceeds even those of most of the
manufacturers of most bathroom fixtures.

2) Where are they located?

Budget Plumbing is located right here in Greenville, SC and has been since 1979.

3) Do they use high quality products?

Here at Budget Plumbing we use the highest quality products available and we don't skimp on
the preparation.

4) Are they fully insured?

We are and can prove it.

5) Can you get a no slip bottom in your tub?

Yes! More than 160,000 falls occur in the bathroom each year. We can install our no slip bottom
for you.

6) Best quality!

The materials we use are second to none and we don't skip on the preparation work which is
the key to a long lasting job.

More Commonly asked questions
Q. How long will my new finish last?
With proper care your new finish should last 1015
years or longer.

Q. Do I have to use the same color as my old tub?
No. With our reglazing process we can match colors or you can choose from a rainbow of
designer colors.

Q. What should I do before you arrive?

Simply remove all personal items from the bathroom. Check to see that the faucet is not leaking
and that the drain is not clogged. If any of these problems exist , no worries, we can fix them!

Q. How long does it take?
Normally just a few hours

Q. When can I use my glazed tub and tile?
The reglazing will dry and be ready for use in 24 hours not 48 or 72 like some material.

Q. Is reglazing safe for my family, pets, and home?

Yes. Our positive ventilation system system removes any dust or overspray immediately from
the areas. In addition we cover and protect all adjacent fixtures and surfaces.

Q. Is there a charge for a estimate or inspection?

No. Call Budget Plumbing today and schedule a estimate and inspection.

Special note to Real Estate Brokers and Home Sellers:

Heed the advice from Remodeling Magazine. "Just as a new kitchen turns buyers on, so does a
bathroom that's bright, spacious, and up to date. (Real Estate) agents nationally say that
thoroughly updating a bath is one of the best investments owners can make in their houses.
Most agents say that owners will get back $6 for every $5 invested in remodeling.

Since Budget Plumbing can do the job for much less than the cost of replacement, your return on investment can be considerably more and your house will sell faster!


We now offer Fiberglass Bathtub Repair and Reglazing in Greenville, SC and the upstate areas:



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