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What is the most important thing I should know about my plumbing?

The most important thing you can know about your pluming system is where your emergency shut off valves are located. You should have shut offs for your sinks, toilets, water heater, and washing machines. If you have these they will be located under your sinks and toilets, behind your washing machine, and usually above your water heater. You should have an emergeny shut off for your whole house at your foundation where the main water line comes into the house or under the floor where the water line comes through the foundation. You can also turn your water off at the water meter with a special key. 
If you cannot locate any of these valves please call our "Ask a plumber hotline " for further direction. 
You also need to label your electrical boxes for your water heater if you have electric or be familiar with your gas shut off at gas water heaters. If you turn the water off to a electric or gas water heater because it is leaking be sure to turn the power or gas off.


"I would like to send a heartfelt thanks for the wonderful response I received from the professionals at Budget Plumbing. My husband was away this past weekend. I woke up Saturday morning at 2:00 am smelling fumes and found my water heater leaking at a steady rate. The fire department came immediately and cut the water and electricity. I called Budget early Saturday morning. I was so appreciative of the quick response your staff exhibited. My water heater was replaced that morning. I am so grateful to have received the help from your wonderful staff and will recommend you to everyone. I look forward to many years of service by your qualified professionals!"
                       Jane Y.


Specialty Services include but not limited to:
Drain cleaning
Video camera pipeline inspection
Road boring
Backflow certification and repair
Bathroom and kitchen remodeling
Factory authorized residential and commercial water heater service and installation
Residential and commercial construction

We Service:
Water Heaters
Mobile homes
Drain lines
Sump pumps
Backflow devices
We Install:
Water and Sewer lines/taps
Fire lines and taps
Grounds meters
Sewer lift pumps
Foundation/French drains
Storm water culverts and drain systems
All plumbing fixtures
Water heaters

All parts and labor is guaranteed for one year!

New Services:
Asphalt and concrete driveway & sidewalk repair
|  Tub repair and reglazing

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