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Fast and efficient

I spoke with Tom on the phone regarding a leak under my house. When I told him I normally sleep during the day, he said someone would be at my house within the hour. Steve showed up within the hour, as promised. Once he had the part he needed, he was finished and had my water back on within 10 minutes. I'll definitely be calling Budget Plumbing the next time I need plumbing help. Terry J., Greenville, SC 07/07/2014

Leak under house

I first heard about a leak that I can under my house when the pest service that we used told us that there was a leak. They also suggested that we needed a sump pump because of water that was collecting in our crawl space after a heavy rain. The pest service was going to charge us $3500.00. Well, I started calling around to other companies and had actually read a review about Budget so I decided to call and get a quote on just the leak under the house. I started thinking and asked if they installed sump pumps as well. The owner Tom told me yes, they could give me a quote for the leak and the sump pump. Steve was the service guy that came out and he was knowledgeable and professional. He explained the layout of my house and the process. He also felt as if some of the extras that the pest control service and another business said that we needed done wasn't really necessary. At one point I still had some questions and called back to the office and Tom the owner was very helpful and even came out to look at the problem. We finally decided to just get the leak fixed and see if that would resolve the water collecting under the house and we would go from there as far as seeing if we even needed a sump pump. When Steve came to make the repair to the leaky pipe....he discovered we already had a sump pump that had been disconnected and buried at some point. The discovery saved is thousands! !!! He cleaned up what we had and reconnected what we had. So just we were able to get the leak fixed, reconnect the sump pump, fix a leak under the kitchen sink for under $600.00!!!! Steve could have easy taken advantage of the situation because a crawl space is just a place my family goes but he didn't....he was honest and fair!! I will definitely use Budget again!!! Christy B., Mauldin, SC 05/16/2014

Consistently professional service.

I appreciate Budget Plumbing's professionalism, timing, and the way they converse with me regarding what is going on, what we need, and they're going to do to get us that. They always get everything done in a timely fashion.

This past service call they were fixing some plumbing regarding my water heater. I've been with them for five or six years now. I know I can count on the quality of their work. Barbara G., Greenville, SC 10/30/2013

Good service at a good price.

Budget Plumbing replaced my water supply line. The process went well overall. I was concerned by the fact that the flexible water line they put through my crawlspace was across the bottom because I had chemical treatment there for termites. That's nasty stuff. I had thought they were going to keep the line off the mud and hang it on the wall or something. Other than that issue, they did a really good job. They were quick to respond, and the price they gave me was right. Mr. Webber W., Greer, SC 10/10/2013

Professional, trustworthy, and informative service.

Budget Plumbing was very professional as well as informative as far as plumbing issues go. They were willing to make accommodations and the follow up was great.

They were installing a water shut off in the house and they they replaced all of our piping and brought it up to code. I would highly recommend them. They're very trustworthy and courteous. The work turned out great! Marnie C., Greenville, SC 09/25/2013

Great experience, really helpful

I called Budget Plumbing to repair a garbage disposal that was broken in my house. They did a great job. Shaun H., Greenville, SC 08/06/2012

Tom and his crew was great to work with and took care of all our needs.

His response time was fast and he was very professional. We had a problem with our septic tank and had to get connected to the city sewer. He and his crew were up for the task. It was a difficult job because our yard has a lot of trees that made running the new sewer line more of a challenge. They were able to complete the job on time and for a very reasonable price. Gabe g., Greenville, SC 08/03/2012


Good to work with

Budget Plumbing are always good to work with. They have done many different jobs for us, indoor and outdoor. I find them to be trustworthy. Don Y., Greenville, SC 07/30/2012

Great service.

Overall, I think Budget Plumbing has great service. This last time it seemed to take a little bit longer to get them out her to view the problem. I even had to call to remind them. Then, after the took a look at it, they told me they could fix it the next day, but they didn't get to it until the second day. So it just was a little delayed in getting started. I'd absolutely continue using their services. Chad C., Greenville, SC 04/02/2012

They're an excellent company

Budget Plumbing is an excellent company. The prices are fair. The people are very well mannered, which is important because they are doing work inside your home and you don't want to feel uncomfortable.

My family has used them in the past when we had our kitchen remodeled but recently we had a spicket in a tub that was leaking. We had just fixed it a year ago and paid $385 for it but this second time we went with Budget Plumbing and they fixed it for just under $100. You can see the difference in the pricing of different companies. The spicket is working fine now, so you definitely get your money's worth with Budget Plumbing. Kat W., Greenville, SC 03/21/2012

Great company to work with!

I've used Budget Plumbing twice and each time, Tom came out to my house right away. He gave me very, very competitive prices. Tom is a very friendly person, and just a nice guy to know in general. Budget Plumbing does good, quick work that always looks nice and functions well after they leave. I really appreciate this company! Michael G., Greenville, SC 11/03/2011

Courteous, professional, and gave good advice.

I think Tom is the one who came over and did two things for me. He both diagnosed a problem I had inside that was separate from a bigger problem on the outside. He was courteous, professional, and I felt that he gave me good advice on what I needed to spend money on and what I didn't. One of the things he diagnosed was fairly major to repair because it's an older home, but the rest of the plumbing in the house was fine. I thought he was good, so I gave him my business. Courteous, professional, and gave good advice. Mr. P. Greenville, SC 10/06/2011

I would recommend them to anybody.

My experience wasn't a lot of fun, but what Budget Plumbing did was excellent. I noticed that water had come in up through our driveway. We live across a creek, and when I saw water in the driveway and it hadn't rained I called my plumber, then he recommended that I call Budget Plumbing. They determined that the water pipe from the main was copper and had disintegrated, then they gave me options to either dig down and repair that piece of pipe, or dig the whole thing and replace all the pipe, which would be a lot more expensive. I went with the less expensive option.

After they did the work, the next day there was a whole lot more water in the driveway. I called them, and the next day they came out and went to work again. They had to dig 3 or 4 trenches to pull out the pipe and replace it. They did an incredible job, and they did it for a really, really discounted price because it hadn't worked the first time and they wouldn't charge me the full rate because of that. That was just super! Don Koonce Greenville, SC 08/10/2011

Always a professional job.

We have used Budget Plumbing on several occasions for different things, from toilets to shower drains. They have come out several times, for the last 5 years or more, and they have always done a good job. They are always professional. Susan S., Greenville, SC07/05/2011

Great service at a fair price

I contacted Budget on Friday and was told they would be here Monday morning at 8:30am. They were here on time, and Steve did a great job. I would highly recommend Budget for any plumbing needs you have. Mike T., Taylors, SC 06/13/2011

Long time satisfied customer.

I couldn't say how long I've been using Budget Plumbing, quite a few years. During my experience with them I've had no problems. One really good thing about them is that they really know old pipes and plumbing. Before Budget, I was using another plumber that wasn't as knowledgeable or sensitive to the old building, and I really wasn't pleased with the service they provided. With Budget, everything is always great. I am a satisfied customer, and highly recommend them. Deborah, Greenville, SC 06/06/2011

Great!! first honest we met in along time.

Tom and his crew did exactly what they said they would do and did it in a timely fashion. They even cleaned up after themselves, you didn't even know they were there. Susan McAlister Greenville, SC 05/31/2011

Listened to my needs and solved the problem.

We had a condominium that had a hot water leak, and we were very distressed at the fact that it was hot water. The gentleman that came out from Budget Plumbing was most pleasant. He tried to help in every way he could to solve the problem, and he did solve it. He was also kind enough to go over with me what the situation was, and he handled it easily. I'm very pleased he listened to my problems. That was the main thing for me, that he was willing to listen, and he helped me with the advice he gave. Grace G, Greensville, SC 05/04/2011

Budget Plumbing provides good service at a very fair price!

Tom from Budget Plumbing has always been really good to me. I've been a longtime customer of his going on ten years now, and honestly, any time I call him, he's there for me.

I own some rental properties, and because I've been using him for so long, I never have to meet him out at the site or anything. He just sends me an invoice and I send him a check. It's as easy as that. I'm sure he can't do that for everyone, but maybe for those who are repeat business and longtime customers he makes exceptions for, which really, really means a lot to me. He's a great, dependable guy! Deborah H., AL 05/03/2011


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