October 12, 2018


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We do our best to keep all of our readers in the know when it comes to plumbing. Please read the latest plumbing news and information below, as well as original articles by our knowledgeable staff. And if you have an idea or an article to share, reach out by clicking the button below. If we use your idea or article, we will list your name as the source or author!

Tips on Finding the Right Plumber – When faced with plumbing issues like a broken water heater, a backed-up garbage disposal, or clogged drains & the like, it’s important to find a reliable (and affordable!) plumber quickly. However, making a hasty decision can lead to more problems in the future.
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Every Home Should Have A Water Softener – Water is an essential resource that sustains life on earth, and its quality is of paramount importance to our health and well being. However, in many areas, the water is “hard,” which means that it contains high levels of minerals like calcium
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Why is My Double Kitchen Sink Backing Up to the Other Side? – Having a double kitchen sink is a convenient way to streamline food preparation and cleanup tasks. However, when one side of the sink starts backing up into the other, it can lead to significant inconveniences. In this
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10 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair – So many folks don’t notice the condition of their water heaters until it’s too late and cold water starts coming out of faucets, YIKES! To avoid reaching THIS stage, you need to be aware of the warning signs that will help you
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Can You Flush Cat Poop Down the Toilet? – The timeless debate of whether one is a cat person or a dog person is well known. While dogs are generally more trainable and friendly, cats are more self-sufficient and independent. Dogs can be house trained, while cats need a litter
Common Reasons For A Running Toilet
Common Reasons For A Running Toilet – Have you ever been laying in bed, mindlessly watching TV or something similar then realize you hear water running? You know the sound, wish I could spell it, LOL. You realize it’s the toilet, do the magic jiggle, and it stops – sometimes.
Winter Weather Plumbing Tips Budget Plumbing As winter weather approaches, it is always a good idea to insure your home and pipes are ready for the cold weather. As a homeowner/renter, one should always be aware of the location and condition of your pipes in and outside of your home.
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Toilet Flange Types – To be clear, we don’t want you to mix up a flange with a phalange. This is very important and only one can be found on an airplane, and under your toilet. Now, if this makes no sense to you, that’s fine. But if you know,
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