Water Conservation at Home – 10 Steps For Saving Water.

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Water Conservation is a smart and responsible thing to do as we go through our daily lives. The biggest and most important way to help conserve our most precious resource, is to be aware of the many ways we can reduce wasting clean water.

As we all are aware of, we use clean water to wash our laundry, shower or take baths, clean the dishes, water the lawn, wash our cars, etc. Understanding how to use clean water conservatively and responsibly can be a great benefit for us all. As a homeowner, it can lower utility bills, increase the life of our sewer and water lines and keep our septic tank from overflowing and/or needing repair or replacement.

Below are a few helpful tips that can assist everyone in water conservation inside and outside the home.

  1. REPLACE/REPAIR ALL LEAKING PIPES – Always perform routine inspections of your faucets, pipes and underground drainage systems to identify potential water issues. This can save you in lowering the cost of your utility bills, which is always a good thing.
  2. TURN FAUCETS OFF – When brushing teeth or wasting hands/face, always turn the water to off after you have wet the brush, hands or face until you need to rinse. Water totals being wasted adds up when leaving the faucet on.
  3. LIMIT TIME IN SHOWER – We all love to stand in the shower and enjoy the warm water cascading over our bodies. However, with being water conscious, it is always a good idea to get in and get out when necessary.
  4. MAKE SURE WASHER IS FULL – When waking your clothes, always make sure your washer is full. Washing small loads will only waste water, but money as well.
  5. MAKE SURE DISHWASHER IS FULL – Try and limit small loads when possible. Ensure you dishwasher is always at capacity to help with water conservation.
  6. WASHING YOUR CAR – Use a bucket to fill with water and soap. Never leave the water running while doing a full wash. This will add to cost and deplete the water supply. If at all possible, take your car to a carwash that recycles the water they use.
  7. PLANT DROUGHT RESISTANT PLANTS – This will help decrease the amount of water you use to keep them healthy.
  8. WATER PLANTS IN THE MORNING – Watering in the morning will allow the plants to absorb less amounts of water due to not being exposed to the sun all day.
  9. MULCH WHEREVER POSSIBLE – Mulching will help protect your plants from the sun and retain water. This will also help decrease the amount of time you will need to water them.
  10. RAIN BARRELS ARE A GOOD THING – When possible, set up rain barrels to catch water to use on your lawn and plants. This will decrease the amount of times your will need us the hose or sprinkler system.

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