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Winter Weather Plumbing Tips
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As winter weather approaches, it is always a good idea to insure your home and pipes are ready for the cold weather. As a homeowner/renter, one should always be aware of the location and condition of your pipes in and outside of your home. Exposed pipes need special attention due to their exposure to the cold conditions. Pipes on the inside of your home also need attention, but will need less maintenance when preparing for the cold temperatures.

Lets first review some helpful tips for pipes on the outside of your home:

                       1. Never leave hose pipes attached to outside hose bibs when not in use. This can hold          water in the hose bib and increase chances of freezing.

                      2. Close foundation vents in the winter so any warm air can be held in the crawl space to keep pipes warm. This will also help prevent draft conditions under your home which will/can cause pipes to freeze in cold conditions.

                     3. Install heat tape on pipes that are exposed to extreme cold conditions.

Now, it is time to address those pipes on the inside of your home:

                     1. Insulate pipes in attics or crawl space.

                     2. Leave one or two cold water faucets dripping overnight on extremely cold evenings or days.

                     3. Leave kitchen and bathroom cabinets open to allow warm air to circulate around pipes.

It is always good rule of thumb to perform routine checkups on your plumbing throughout the year. However, when temperatures fall below freezing, it is recommended to perform routine maintenance checks on your pipes to ensure no leaks and/or breaks have occurred.

Here at Budget Plumbing we want everyone to have a safe and comfortable winter. If you are in need for profession licensed assistance, please call us at Budget Plumbing 864-250-0700 where we are here “For all your plumbing needs.”

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